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Amacast is produced with an advanced technology, developed in the aerospace defence sector,
which is unique in the abrasives industry.
Amacast is atomized in a controlled atmosphere in a dedicated plant; the operation is fully
computerised, with the monitoring of all parameters (atmosphere content, flow, speed, size,
cooling cycle, shape, etc...)
The outcome of this process is a particularly strong austenitic micro structure,
with an outstanding bond of molecules in perfectly regular clusters.

Amacast is the highest quality and performance stainless blasting media, out-performing all other
stainless abrasives, water or gas atomized, by a wide margin. Typicaly Amacast premium in life
and energy transmission is from 20% to 60%. Amacast performs particularly well in technical
applications requiring a quality finish with strict cost control.


Amacast Benefits
Amacast at work: enhancing and securing your operation!
Environmentally friendly from manufacturing process to blasting and recycling

Technically effective with the highest energy transmission and the longest durability, thanks to the robustness
of its microstructure and matched operating mix, even in the most challenging applications or situations.
Amacast provides the best impact finish, generates the very precise roughness demanded by automotive
and aerospace industries.

Economically sound providing the lowest operating cost and the fastest effect

Thanks to its totally confined process of production, Amacast is contaminant free,
and is the safest material for treating delicate components.

Amacast DataSheet

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